Mull shines in Silent Storm

Mull has a starring role in Corinna McFarlane’s The Silent Storm – released in cinemas last month, although it premiered at the London Film Festival nearly two years ago

The writer/director and a crew of 70, made use of Carsaig Bay’s old jetty and the Nun’s Cave as well as artists’ retreat, Inniemore Lodge for the film.

Islanders had starring roles as well as the congregation in the postwar tale of authoritarian minister Balor McNeil, played by Damian Lewis, his nature loving wife Aislin (Andrea Riseborough) and young offender  Fionn (Ross Anderson) who comes to live with them in their island home.

“The landscape is intrinsic to the story,” McFarlane told the Radio Times, “because it’s about the isolation of the characters and the idea of God in nature versus the puritanical, fundamentalist version of God as rules and structure. For me, it had to be on an island because islands have their own rules and a distinct atmosphere. Mull is very lush and otherworldly.”

“Some days it [the weather] would be torrential and then it would clear up and the sun would be so hot and we’d all swim after work. The sea is crystal clear. It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth.”

View the official trailer on YouTube

silent storm poster